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Nepal Japan International Education School is a well-known and unique educational consultancy and a Japanese language school in Nepal, registered under the Act of Nepal Government. It provides Japanese language training and conducts student exchange programs between Nepal and Japan. It is a leading institution to cater to the needs of students who wish to pursue their higher education in Japan. Moreover, we are committed to providing quality education to all the learners under the close supervision of highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty so that they can interact with Japanese people without any failure and can adjust well in the Japanese society.

Japanese language is most needed during your staying period to Japan because Japanese is the country who use mother tounge to communicate inside the country. they use own Japanese Language in office and all the international companies. 

Japan, the country of technologies and opportunities is gaining popularity for higher studies among Nepalese Students. Considering the needs of students, we are conducting Language training, university application process, VISA documentation and other necessary consultancy support to study in Japan.

Japan and Nepal have played an important role in the sector of World Peace and has a strong brotherhood relationship between the people. Japan is continuously supporting Nepal in different ways for the development. The Japanese people also love Nepal and Nepali culture. So, we are also organizing various student exchange programs between these two countries from the beginning of our establishment.

Quality language skill helps good communication. A person with good communication skill can achieve success easily in their principal goal. If you have good knowledge of Japanese language and their culture, you can make your dream of higher study, business, and tourist guide come true. Here, we provide good Japanese language and cultural environment during your study in Nepal. We welcome you all to our school and we are happy to counsel your queries and confusion about your higher studies in Japan.

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Lila Bista

President of NJIES

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